Show me


I want you to be as harsh as you can. I want to share your burden. I want to help carry your load.

We fear certain parts of self will chase others away – forever. Sometimes we think we want that. But our friends stay. Our friends see a burden and want to share.

Show me the ugliness. Let me walk this life with you. Let me feel what you feel that you might feel it less.

One thought on “Show me

  1. Lawson

    If we don’t begin to understand the darkness, how then, can we see the light? –Tagging along with the idea of the previous post (The Matter of Words)– If we don’t begin to understand our own pains and problems on a more in depth, intricate level, how then can we begin to express what we call Love on a daily basis?

    I see this all too often with how we force our emotions onto others, as if everyone is accepting of them.. It is far less common for the common folk to seek to help another individual by lightening their burden. More often I see the latter – that which is – we listen only for our own understanding and not for the understanding of the individual at hand.

    Let me help you, help me .. is what I am understanding from this message . Not sympathy, for that is a disconnecting emotion, but more leaning towards empathy (take it lightly – as I can’t formulate the exact wording I’m seeing). That which ties you to I and I to you, one which strengthens all ties therein.

    From me to you
    From you to I
    From us to them
    From them to all

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