Descartes’ demon; Brains in a vat


A sufficiently evolved  -fill-in-the-blank-
wakes up
brushes his teeth
drives to work
and suffers road rage on the way.

A sufficiently evolved  -fill-in-the-blank-
gets to work
finds a nice coffee brought by a friend
enjoys it
and feels better

A sufficiently evolved  -fill-in-the-blank-
later that evening
sits in twilight
and ponders the universe

He does not know from where comes these feelings
or why they so compel
He wonders what thoughts are his
and which have set themselves upon him

He senses only his humanity


-fill-in-the-blank- options:
Each blank requires one selection from A and one selection from B
A: human / robot
B: with free will / without free will

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