You got what you deserve


That sharp criticism
which sticks with you still
The inner doubts which haunt
and won’t ever leave

A word said here
an opportunity refused there
This all adds up, doesn’t it
to me

You get what you deserve

Well no actually
The words said with whatever best intentions
which still way off the mark
The opportunities denied
purely out of chance circumstance
The doubts which remain loud
yet hold no truth

What you deserve
is to know the past
how it brought today
what you deserve is tomorrow

One thought on “You got what you deserve

  1. Lawson

    Felt collectively
    The fear of
    one more thought
    It can drive one mad

    Felt collectively
    That anguish burning in the gut
    a heavy burden for a shallow heart
    shivers washing through the spine
    pain is nothing new

    I deserve
    what I deserve
    Nothing more
    nothing less

    I think

    Daydreaming again
    Words wash away
    left a hollow shell
    But the gripe remains

    A day turns to another
    and another yet again
    The story unravels
    but I feel the same way


    Although I foresee tomorrow coming, I cant speak of what it entails. As the Whether man predicts, he doesn’t know whether or not I will feel okay. I’m unsure how many still believe in those so called ‘Whether men’, but for those who do.. Whether or not the Whether man predicts his forecast, it seems all too often he isn’t sure what the whether-ing will be – whether it be, a clear and empty mind to frolic & create in.. or that of dismal, dread filled-uninviting afternoons spent wallowing somewhere you shouldn’t have been in the first place.

    I can’t predict what tomorrow will bring, but I sure am happy to have today and what was yesterday, whether or not what the Whether man predicted was true. All I can say for sure is that tomorrow will bring, and with it intrinsic things.

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