Regret Is A Choice


A lifetime of in the moments
that can hardly be borne
How could that been done
why the consequence not seen

One mistake then the next
if could only be undone
So many choices
if only the chance, to be chosen again

Then torment rains
the critiques from within
forgiveness undeserved
for all these things done

No wait

Regret is found only in regret
only in one choosing
to try
with what past learned

Faulty paths taken by all
unavoidable by none
Regret is the Choice Made
on the turn to next

Informed by before
a call to the next
Regret is a choice
a turning from same

In between before and after
regret just the feeling on the way
Regret sees the past
and calls to the next

This path on the way
hindered not by errors come before
but by withholding forgiveness now
Regret already be a path new chosen
Regret is a choice
Regret deserves forgiveness

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