Orders To A Disconnected Self


a pain
inside body

inside body

They claim control of muscle
of ability to move
But something else takes over
and orders a disconnected self

This other self
or this same self
a step, just a step, just the next step
a breath, just a breath, keep taking the next breath

How can this be
both these parts inside
The parts that feel overwhelmed
the parts that can order to go on

Orders to a disconnected self
orders to a many parted self

One thought on “Orders To A Disconnected Self

  1. Lisa Macachor (IHR)

    Wow, wow, wow! I will read these writings over and over as there is so much in every one that every human being can relate to. I find these writings incredibly powerful. I can also see them as
    lyrics in beautiful music!!

    Thank you for this gift.

    Lisa Macachor

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