Waiting For Myself 2/3


I’m trying to get to me
and sure don’t want to mess this up
Every step along the way
might change what I could be

I’m trying to get to me
mostly have it figured out
But if I zig instead of zag
will it go poof the me I’d thought would be

One thought on “Waiting For Myself 2/3

  1. Lawson

    begins with the perception
    continues to thought
    struck with epiphany
    what then

    To apply the new found
    as what is,
    To separate the idea
    as what may be

    determining the distinct ideal
    what may be true
    for some, versus
    what is true for all

    coming to conclusion
    it sees what may be,
    still confused
    unwilling to accept

    is that My thought
    or was that sprouted
    calculating . . .

    meticulous detailed pruning,
    happen chance encounter
    choosing what is
    instead of becoming

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