Waiting For Myself 3/3


I’m out there
waiting for me
Do I know that
the me not yet

Am I out there waiting watching
for myself
Saying no, don’t turn there
and change forever that  me not yet

Am I out there waiting watching
for myself
Saying yes, and you can, and we will
and my gut hears

Is it one, these two
is it two
When I get there will I wonder
whether it was me who came before

Can I know it’s there
me though not yet
I can only know
and wait

I grasp at it
the me not yet
but grab only air
I must be waited for

2 thoughts on “Waiting For Myself 3/3

  1. Anonymous

    Read through the poems for the second or third time this evening… they are enjoyable and thought provoking as is, but as one professor is quoted as saying, poetry revision is part of the process so I encourage you to go back and write and rewrite until you are satisfied.

    The questions I have about the poetry in general is who is the speaker supposed to be and who is the intended audience? Some of the musings seem a bit adolescent, others seem more world weary and mature .

    Some see Hamlet’s speech as the world’s finest bit of stage philosophy, others see it as overindulged self importance especially in today’s satirical world. The tone of your poetry seems introspective and more of a conversation with yourself than a conversation with an audience or third person although the third person is certainly there in many of the poems. Many clever ideas and contradictions to ponder and nice rhythm

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