Thinking Inside My Box


The child being a child is influenced
and so begins my box

Age proceeds and encounters events
and my box builds further

All this done within body made from genes
which limit or enable my box

How can I think
but from within my capabilities to think
How can I conceive
but by what my box allows perception of

I reach I challenge
but to reach to challenge
Must these not be concepts
already within my box to aspire to

Creative is good
but can creative really create
Or can it only find what merely was hidden
already inside my box

A mind can change its mind
can come to new ideas
But how can mind conceive
beyond the limits of its conceptions

As large as a box may be
as able to stretch as a box may be
Whatever universe may truly be outside
can my universe ever be but in

How can I ever be but
thinking inside my box

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