The Early Days


The early days were really hard
many starts that stopped
many directions that ended lost
and so many starting overs
and over again

It was a long time
till smoother seas till clearer skies
Till far enough along to have a back to look back to
and to see how what didn’t make sense did

The early days were full of doubt
and so many almosts
almost never startings almost not going ons
of just dropping down
and not getting up

It took so much to get through those early days
to make it to the later years
When finally the story is told
I’m so glad I got through the early days

But since I haven’t actually started yet
(that comes tomorrow)
It would be nice to keep in mind
what lies in the early days ahead

3 thoughts on “The Early Days

  1. angry1541

    Interesting concept…a couple of lines might have used a comma or two to separate words/ideas/thoughts…to add a breath here and there…but otherwise I think it’s a great concept for a poem…maybe a little more transition into the last stanza…seems to flip rather quickly.

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