It’s Changing


I stay the same
so why can’t all the rest
I am still here and am still me
but all that surrounds is becoming something else

I stay the same
and need the rest to stay that way too
I am still here and am still me
but fear the changes forced by all that happens and surrounds

I stay the same
only I know I’m changing too
Some changes forced and some (maybe?) chosen
some changes good and some…

I wish it would stay the same
only I know I’ll be changing too
I don’t stay the same
only I just wish that all this would

4 thoughts on “It’s Changing

  1. lawdawgg from the coffee shop

    i actually laughed out loud at that beginning part! Simply because of the truth behind the words.. maybe not my own, but of those surrounding. It truly is funny when we wish stuff & things would not change, simply because of the irony of the situation if things did not. we only want things to not change when things are going good. but think about the absurdity of that statement in and of itself!? Beauty wouldnt be beauty if there werent ugly. fun wouldnt be fun if we didnt have boring. laughing wouldnt be cheerful to hear if everyone laughed all the time. constants are dull and boring,

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