What Part A Choice


Feeling at home in certain place
but not in other
A piece of music which calms
another which grates
The people I love
and all the others

Where come from all these
that make a person
that made me
And when was there choice
and when was it given

What forms a person
how long before even me did I start
How can it even be known for
there must be a thousand things

A thousand encounters
when too young to choose
A thousand experiences
imposed on a child that’s forming

Beneath consciousness
beyond control

A thousand reactions of chemistry inside
a thousand synapses sealed or broken
A person is carved

Beneath consciousness
beyond control

And what of the words that were said
the ones that built strongly
and the ones that cut deeply

I feel the master of me
but can’t even stop that song in my head
Let alone the reactions
I know better than but which my temper does not

Choices not all chosen
were the choices that made me
What part were choices
of these choices that made me

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