The Straight Line


Turns out
the straight line

On this round planet
placed in this curved space
within this moving universe
From a distance it is seen

The distance between
is along a curved space
and from even closer
Continuity along the line
even that is lost

A magnifying glass
shows on the line
all its little points
not even really aligned

The distance between
turns out to be full of little points
little bumps along the way
big bumps along the way
points aligned and points askew

We’d like the straight line
we’d like a distance shortest
but courage
Is not Courage to walk the crooked path

One thought on “The Straight Line

  1. John L. Warren III

    I was thinking about my path today. Very personal sometimes selfish and sometimes giving like when I was eleemosynary to the guy at the stop sign with his cardboared sign that said, ” Just want to fix my teeth.”

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