Why The One So Easy


A harsh word
a creation of doubt
The gentle criticisms
let alone those even louder

They stick they remain
are so often so easier to hear
than the others
the compliment, the things done well
the things inside so great

The hardness of taking the compliment
the ease of hearing the tease
The often struggle to find a belief
that the questions keep poking and prodding at

Why so loud the noise of critique
that makes complimentary so hard to listen to
Is discomfort somehow the state more natural

Together And Alone


The way is long
the time at length
The distance to travel
longs for other on the way

And there are parts that can be shared
with thankful times that find accompanied
There are parts I cannot bear alone
but must do so all the same

It is a weave it is a dance
it is a balance ever sought
The journey often calls out for other
yet still remains in self

The Path Envisioned


The path that was envisioned
the life that was in mind
before the life that was to be
had its own way
and in its own time

The tasks that waited doing
the people that waited connecting
the me that waited becoming
and all that came instead

An entire landscape in mind
while the landscape that was in time
became the one to be that traveled upon

And so here now
one yet two; two yet one
one who envisions; one who becomes

A path that is envisioned
a life that is become
A lifetime of tomorrows to see this cycle
turn and turn again

What I Feel I Know


What I feel I know
is this
and that
and the other thing

I feel I know these things
for I have considered
and reflected
and concluded

In my comfort is knowing
What I feel I know

Though I know when I feel
a clench
a sweat
a discomfort
I know it feels uncomfortable
And so know what not to know

What of these things I have considered
and reflected
and concluded
feel comfortable to conclude

What I feel is what I know
How much of what I know is what I feel