The Fall


The fall
into darkness
into a void
outstretched hands

A cry emerges
not asking
or expectation
but hope

A cry emerges
this simply cannot be kept in

A cry to persons imagined
To worlds better than this

A cry emerges

The fall
into darkness

For The Self I Weep


And tears fall
I weep for self
for the impossible to be known
for the impossible outside

Inside I weep
for the outside
that finds refusal
that finds spurning
that searches and finds not

Kept inside
for the sake of appearance
for the sake of money
for the sake of life with other

A me not I is seen
I weep

To be seen
to be allowed
to be known
for these self cries

And tears fall

the me I am sits
and waits
and weeps

For All That Which Is Not Now


In a moment I am there
but in tears
for I am there only in longing
for all that which now is not

A dream I dream
of away
from all I desire to flee

But the mind follows
and I can never get away
get far enough

Where is
all that which now is not

I must learn to run
I must learn to stay

There Is A Point


There is a point
from which comes the beginning

and forth from it is ventured
yet with eyes looking ever back longing
for return

And it is found
the direction ahead
only that one is possible
Even steps that feel backward
are more a moving in place
The point recedes

Ever on we move
yet with each step forward
a gaze back
the point recedes

and so a struggle
the only direction possible
against the longing

Once ventured forward
no return can be made
the point is receded

And suddenly it is now
and suddenly it is here
a point

from which comes a beginning

The Time Between


The time
between then and now
between the suffering
and that which was gained
Between the suffering
and perhaps even more suffering

What came of that time
is hardly seen
when it is during
Later is it
when all that was clear at the time
becomes the time between seen better

Only after is the time between
Oh to see better the time between
when the time between
is the time happening now