Lost In Time


It begins
an entire world shimmers
I reach for all
with my deepest self

Then time unfolds
and with it its pains
its unexpectations
And parts I begin to hide

A need arises
with it a mask
Then another need another mask
And more becomes unseen
to even me

Time unfolds
different needs and more masks
hide self from even self
I become my own mask
lost in time

In The Place Of Other


In the place of other
where I have been so long
trying to see other
and trying to be me

In the place of other
where cries went unheard
Where eyes tried hard seeing
but can be  eyes not merely ones’ own

From a place once imagined
came then struggle and storm
The places imagined by selves
not seen they would must be
in a place that of other

In the place of other
Selves see
both cry

And Not Be


I want to feel
the stars shine
the warmth of dark night
a rivers’ gentle flow

I want to feel
a loving touch
a kind word
a kiss

I want to feel
the large that does not end
the good not overcome
the hope that is not crushed

I want to feel
all these things I see
And feel not
made small
And worry not
what will go away
what later will bring

I want to feel
and not be afraid

Knowing Is A Place


In a place of comfort
surrounded by what confirms and affirms
I come to know that most deeply held
until the world rises up

The world comes
and I am banished from that place
that place of comfort and affirms
banished from that place of knowing

So much depends on what surrounds
on place and who what there
So much of what can be maintained within
depends on what can be withstood without

What of place
what can be the strong enough only me
What must I know alone
what must I bear alone

Tell me what I know
then let me remember the place
where I can remember it still

Five Spots Ahead


Five spots ahead
the spot there the one
that belongs to me

I fight here to reach there and arrive
then the world behind disappears
and it must be once again
five spots ahead

someone took my spot
what offends so
What was it really taken
what feels so much a spot is me

Why what’s not
so larger
than what is

Why can’t I be
why must it always be
five spots ahead

Yes But Then


Be not afraid
of fear
Be not pained
by pain

For it alters
it changes
it passes

In surrender to it
is found what is really surrendered to

The fear is greater
than the feared of
The anticipation more
than the thing to come
The multiplication by mind
an inflation of what ahead

Yes but then comes the world
and still I fear
and still I pain

But then comes the world
and still I fear
and still I pain

Mask Or World


As I cover more with mask
closer comes the world
The more that hides
is the more that finds a love

With each piece of mask I peel
further moves away the world
The more I show
is the less a love is found

Bounds defined by a world
outside of me
define the bounds within which must live
what that’s inside of me

Now one now the other
mask is chosen
world is chosen
and I wonder if a when and where will be
less the mask more the me

Surrounded By Distance


Thoughts run fast around
actions pass by
These instances of others
remain at a distance so far

Where is my home
where are the thoughts
the actions
near to me

I move through this world
and walk through these days
I look at what’s close
and feel here the distance

These so close things
remain so far away
I can touch
and never reach them

I seek my place
I long to breath safe
I struggle through this not home
through this distance that surrounds