Yes But Then


Be not afraid
of fear
Be not pained
by pain

For it alters
it changes
it passes

In surrender to it
is found what is really surrendered to

The fear is greater
than the feared of
The anticipation more
than the thing to come
The multiplication by mind
an inflation of what ahead

Yes but then comes the world
and still I fear
and still I pain

But then comes the world
and still I fear
and still I pain

One thought on “Yes But Then

  1. Fear and pain are ingrained on our psyche and part of our meta-progamming. I suppose one could say if you feel fear and pain- you’re a human being because it is part of your survival instinct. Perhaps in a metaphysical realm if we move to the next dimension after death there is a possibility our souls could experience something else. Fear and pain enables one to be motivated to reduce the fear and pain. If we didn’t experience fear and pain what kind of life could we really maintain.

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