Waiting To Become


I want to be
the person I’m going to be
I want to be that person

Because it’s a long way
to tomorrow
because the steps from yesterday
that I figured out today
led to the learning
I’m still waiting for
a chance to use

It’s hard to look
it’s hard to see what I can learn
it’s hard to wait
for a chance to try again

It’s hard to wait for tomorrow
and remember how good I did
figuring out today

I Will Battle Me


Everywhere I turn
there I am waiting
to undo me

The world fights me
so do I
mind that wills its own
body that acts alone

I step forward
then it is I
who pushes back

I will battle this me
the one I insist
is to be the me that was
I will battle this me
for the sake of me
who struggles on



Again I fall
for this self I thought I knew
is not I that is now

The me I am
turned out to be
not the I
I want to be
The I I try so hard
to become

Another round
more learning
and another myself I meet for the first time

The cycle
it takes so much
to fall
to rise
to learn again

The cycle
is so hard

to fall
to rise
and wait to fall again

What Would I Have Me Do


On the other side of now
now that it is then
after the learning

I expect other people now
to know what I
when I was where they are now
could not know then

Looking out
I expect so much
of them

Now that it is afterwards
after the learning
I look back and see me then
and what I did not know then

I look out now and expect so much
of others
what then would I expect now
of me then
what would I have me do