In An Awake


I awaken to my dream
but I am in the world
and I am not asleep

moving through the world
but like dream

I am running from
I am running towards
but can be only trying to
for so much so far
beyond my control

it is like dream
but I am awake
and moving through this world

The dream is I
from far deep within
it has become me
awake I am my dreams

I am awake
but in the world
and the world pushes against
I dream harder
and the world pushes still

It is intertwined
dependent and opposed
dream in world

this what it’s like
to live in this world
to be dreaming in an awake

Held In Mist


Accessible though unknown
for knowing of
is not knowing that

What was known before
is what is seen ahead
while held in mist
all the rest

of oppressive or of joy
of hope or despair
ahead is before

While all that is
is not what is
for being seen
but is for being is
or might be
or can be
or shouldn’t be

Ahead is before
the wider the coming from
the broader ahead the going to
from now

How could I ahead
if not at first before

I seek
I would know
I seem sometimes to find
but seems can so often only
from what is before have known

Held in mist
what can be known now
what now can ahead become before

in mist
so much in mist
so much oblivious in mist
while is remains is
or might be
or can be
or would be

No Wait


There is what is
this world that surrounds
and I have come to know it

I have watched and seen
I have thought about and determined

You have to
you have to decide
and take your steps

There was some confusion
some things that made sense less
than what I’d figured out
that’s ok

I know what I saw
knew how to put pieces together
eyes have seen
mind has determined

I can trust these eyes
I can depend on this mind
it is all you have
it is your eyes that see
it is your mind that determines

You have to decide
you have to take your steps

this world I have seen
this world I have determined
it is true
it is true
isn’t it

no wait…

Standing On One Foot


I’m standing on one foot
and I’m leaning over
and I’m starting to fall down
and I might

because I just picked up the other
because I’m starting to take a step
and I have to pick up the one
and hold it there a moment
to figure out where to put it next
to try a move in this direction
or maybe that

and I have known
how often it’s not easy
for the regretful steps I’ve made before
the backwards steps before
the going nowhere steps before
and fear for the many I’ll yet regret to come

but it’s not one step that makes me
but all of them together
all of them before
all of them to come
and the sum that keeps me changing

I could make it easier
I could put down the one
I could just stand
or sit
or lie
and sometimes I will
to rest
but not forever

So now I’m ready again
or maybe I’m not
but I’m standing on one foot
because I have to pick up the one
and hold it there a moment
to figure out where to put it next

I’m standing on one foot
and I’m very uncomfortable
and have been so before
a lot
and I wonder when it will get easy
and think maybe it won’t get easy
but hope maybe I will keep learning better how
how to stand on just one foot

Stepping Into Now


I hate now
now is not before
when I could try it otherwise
when I could choose a something else
when I could have altered just a bit

I hate now
now is not later
when the waiting will be done
when the changes will be settled
when so much might stand more figured out

so much I might do
but so much I must
I hate now

I see the clock
I know the time
but my head keeps living past
but my head keeps living later
while me is living now

I take a breath
I step into now
I hate now

what I can
what I would
and yet what I must

stepping into now