Stepping Into Now


I hate now
now is not before
when I could try it otherwise
when I could choose a something else
when I could have altered just a bit

I hate now
now is not later
when the waiting will be done
when the changes will be settled
when so much might stand more figured out

so much I might do
but so much I must
I hate now

I see the clock
I know the time
but my head keeps living past
but my head keeps living later
while me is living now

I take a breath
I step into now
I hate now

what I can
what I would
and yet what I must

stepping into now

One thought on “Stepping Into Now

  1. Terri

    Love this. Made me laugh just reading the first line. I am too impatient for now. Now spelled backwards is won. Do we win if we become accepting of now? Will think about it tomorrow, not now!

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