Held In Mist


Accessible though unknown
for knowing of
is not knowing that

What was known before
is what is seen ahead
while held in mist
all the rest

of oppressive or of joy
of hope or despair
ahead is before

While all that is
is not what is
for being seen
but is for being is
or might be
or can be
or shouldn’t be

Ahead is before
the wider the coming from
the broader ahead the going to
from now

How could I ahead
if not at first before

I seek
I would know
I seem sometimes to find
but seems can so often only
from what is before have known

Held in mist
what can be known now
what now can ahead become before

in mist
so much in mist
so much oblivious in mist
while is remains is
or might be
or can be
or would be

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