Now Comes End


The ends
always the ends
always some end

The end of young
before years of age
The end of relationship
before self known better
The end of dream
before steps in world as is

All these new things
they come
sometimes as imagined
sometimes as desired
and sometimes not

What is this circle
that begins in end
where I lose what came before
and set out anew as me
only not me that was
and go round again in circle
to begin again from end

Why must be so much end
to begin what waited to start
while still I long for parts of past

Now comes end
And so I begin

One thought on “Now Comes End

  1. Jack Arendt

    Nice approach to a never ending situation. We see circularity in everything, but the universe. The big bang doesn’t appear to pulsate or come back on itself, so what’s up with that?

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