Falling Short


It was clear
from very early on
how things really are
the what behind the what that appears
the truth beneath the opinions around

from very early
it has grown stronger and more sure
another explanation to grasp at some sense
another hint at the mystery why

from very early
there was a struggle
for which it was so painful
I had made myself of it unaware

against what I know to be
reality keeps falling short

What Now


I have been running for so long
without at all my even knowing
I had ended so far
and all this I had not even known

I look now in the mirror
and wonder who is this that became
I step back to look behind
and wonder how it came to pass

I did not see that I was running
I did not see to where I had run to
and yet running I was
and yet here it is I am

and yet here it is I am

there is a question
what if had I not run
and there is a question
what if had I not ended here

and these questions they are good
and these questions they must be asked
for their search and awareness
hold answers and keys

but there is too another question
not a question instead
not a question more important
but a question its own
it is a question that wonders of what beyond despair

it is a question that looks not at how came I here
but sees just that here I am
it is a question that berates not in past judgement of
but sees this is as simply is
it is a question that sees only now and asks simply this..

what now