A Thousand Times


I have failed a thousand times
and I will fail a thousand more

it is strange
how so much that I had learned
was when only I was fallen down

it is strange
how much I could not realize now
had I not been fallen then

it is strange
for I suffer now
and would want to suffer not
but would that I be suffering not
what would be yet from my learning not
what would yet be absent from me

it would be now
and I would realize not
that I knew not
without these thousand times

in when fallen
I feel just the suffering
in the later
I am what learned

each part some piece
of some one of some thousandth time

it is strange
how much I would choose now
to suffer no more what I know not
to suffer not to fall again

but what is left to learn
but what would I know not
but what could I not be

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