By Which I Know

(a spoken version is at the link below)

why never does it settle down
why never is it easy
always feeling what I could have done better
always thinking what would I need to improve

why cannot I not rest
why can I not be completed
I have worked so hard
I have struggled in such earnest

when do we reach the goal
when have we done enough
when can the rest come easy
when should it at last be settled

the completely accomplished
is reached not by the honest seeker
the finally done and finished enough
is known not to the eyes that still see

there is but the onward journey
and the unrest of honest effort
by which I know I am still learning
by which I know the efforts are true

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The Spaces Between

(a spoken version is at the link below)

what does this thing appear
this fear
this point not reached
this me that failed

for I know
what does appear
for I know how does it feel
and thus I know of that which is

time then passed

and now was seen
the spaces between
what does appear
and what was behind

and I found that I knew not
this fear
this point
this me

for now I saw
the spaces between
what did appear
what really was

so much hope
to be found between the two
overcoming the one that is seen
to find the one that is

to know the spaces between

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But What I Was To


Long ago
I saw what was to do
and how it should to be made done

and I started there
as I readied each step that planned its next
as I watched in knowing
how it would unfold

I set out and made each step
First was placed this
which would lead to next
Then would came that
which would lead to later
and so on

Each step
carefully designed
to accomplish
to bring about
to do in the world
to do for the world
to create a life

Tightly I held to the plan

While all the while
the unfolding was as was the unfolding

we cling to the one
While the other
goes on all the same

it has not been
what I was to do
but what I was to learn