There Is

(a spoken version is at the link below)

How do I judge myself
how do I find some sense
in all these things that happen
because of all these things I do

for though I do so try
for though this is the best I can
the rains they fall so hard
and the rains they do keep falling

I wonder if there is what I imagine
in an ahead that is not now
for these moments feel so hard
and feel so far not in control

yet of how to judge myself
is it what I do
and fail
or is it what I try
and struggle towards

there is who I am
there is who I was
there is who I am trying to be

[click here for spoken version]

One thought on “There Is

  1. Liss Macachor

    So much of the work I relate to in my own life’s journey and “There Is” is one more to add to the collection. I think if we have the courage to look deeper within ourselves we will find his work very healing.

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