To Burn My Bridges


why can I not let go
of what is clear
can not be held

why do I grasp on still
to what no longer is
to where I no longer am
to when it can no longer be

when in some moment
outside of thinking
in rage or sadness
I burn that bridge
and lose all going back

when there is no back
what direction remains

has the time not come
to burn my bridges

Two Wrongs


never never
do I find the right
without going through
the all so many wrongs

never never
do I seem simply to know
how to first pick
what I will later pick last

never never
can I oh please avoid
the wretched crooked painful path
that leads only eventually to

it is
it is it seems it must
not just two
but one thousand wrongs
makes finally the right

Just Look


to look forward
to look forward to
can it be any other
when time flows
but according to its own

to know to look forward
when I cannot tear my eyes
from looking back

in hopes to look
of a different past

time flows
but according to its own
while I can hardly stop
trying to wrench times time to my own

to look forward
to look back
to spin around and round

why can I not
just look