Where Is Found The Way


so much emotion
trapped inside
so much to feel
but not permitted out

it is all
too much

the feelings
take over

and I cannot think
I cannot reason
but can only
lash out
in panic

but the feelings
are real
and the feelings
are mine

how can I find ahead
if denied what is the reality

let me feel
let me feel

where but to let my eyes cry
might be found
the way for my feet to find their way
to step forward

This That Which


I decided I knew
it was this box that I wanted
this box I needed

when suddenly
it was that box now before me

it was this I wanted
and that I got

I went with that
it was then
the only path
there in that moment

in time I could see
that that box
had its own story to tell

I wanted this
I learned from that
while still I longed for..

next time
when before me
is this and that
and a million others
what will I be wanting
while the story which is unfolds