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Speaking Initial Drafts – Recorded Versions of Selected Pieces

Acceptance of self. Acceptance and affirmation of self

Acceptance of the world. Acceptance of the world as it is; of how life works. Acceptance of my life as it turned out.

==Courage to walk. Courage to walk on; to walk through life

The experience of feelings.

==Facing self

==Free will. Who is in control; mind vs body

==Living a shared existence. Living in an existence populated by utter other.

==Moving in time. Moving from past to future; doing life; cycles


==Self doubt

As difficult as it is to put a label on how you feel, is the difficulty to put these pieces into categories.  We are complex and multiple things and are so in each moment.  It is inaccurate to seek a single or limited description of a person or a moment.  In every moment, there is an enormous multiplicity of events and perceptions both within the individual and surrounding.  And yet ironically, understanding this complexity demands it to be what it is not, simplified.  We label and categorize in the attempt to understand.  It is not inherently bad to do so in an effort to move towards understanding.  But it is an opposition to understanding when this simplification is taken for reality.  Simplifying helps towards understanding but only as a moving toward it.  Once a simplification yields a piece of understanding, the process must continue.  Things must be seen in further ways, from other perspectives.  Even if other, even if the same simplification is used, the idea is to keep looking, keep pondering, keep exploring.  A firm step may need to be taken, but only a considered next step can provide movement ever forward.

The categories then are merely a single simplification.  They are merely a particular set of doors to opportunities to recognize,  to reflect on, to consider the next steps of self.

This categorization came some time after InitialDrafts began.  It will take some time to complete this and the categories and groupings will develop as the categorizing continues.  Suggestions are welcome for new categories or where to place a piece.

Click a category for a list of pieces.  The pieces displayed from these pages are in the “Simple View”.  Press the back button in your browser to return here.

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