But The Vission I See


chipped away at
cut and bruised
beaten and laughed at

all these killings
over all these times
of all I know
of all I feel
of the vission I see

while I do not even see
it happening
or see the killing it does
the chipping away at me

trying to stand
as my feet hover over this malestorm
this void
wherein is left nothing to stand
for all these cracks
in all I knew

it stops some suddenly
and I hang on some ledge
waiting to fall again
and it continues so

having endured these trials
having passed these storms
what remains is stronger
or maybe not
but it is so different
I am so different
or am I
or should I be
or can I be

it is all so different
in everything
in everyway
but the vision I see

All Pieces – Simple View