I’ve Been Here Before


What strength is left fails
and I fall
to the ground
and stay
and cannot move while

Looking at a door nearby but too far
I wonder what is outside
and what is different
and what if it is not
and I wonder if

Some door is nearby
but any distance seems too far
and what might be there
only might be there
and I cannot move

And I get up
I’ve been here before
I’m dragging myself closer
to the might be different

But then I fall down
I’ve been here before
and I can’t move
and I stay
because I cannot move right now

I’ve been here before
it feels the same
it feels different
I move closer
I move further

I fall down again
I’ve been here before
but each time before
was a different each time
so each time I start
is starting from a new
at least a bit different

Each time the same
each time different
I’ve been here before

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