I choose that
but am given this
to reach
to learn
to grow from

I choose that
but am given this
to care for
to help
to be the place to make my difference

I choose that
but can see in this
much of the same kinds
but it’s not the same things
it’s not the same people

I still choose that
even having been given this
for there promises were made
but ones I could not yet keep

Stumbling through that
I learned better for this
but so much got hurt
while along the way

It’s been some time now
since I started doing this
with all that came from that
and all I keep working on in this

I keep an eye on that
in concern
And I wonder too
what was left there
still to learn

But I leave to others now
that which they do better
I work to keep doing
more better doing this

I try to accept all that
I’ve taken on all this
That is doing ok
This I’ve come to be good at

There is to choose
there is to do
I choose that
I have been given this

All Pieces – Simple View