How To Use This Site


The following applies to the layout on full size screens. The appearance on smaller devices, including phones varies. All the items can be found but it may take some clicking around.

Each piece starting from the most recent appears on the right side of the Home page. They can be scrolled through from top to bottom.

On the left of the Home page are the following links:

‘All Pieces – By Title’, All pieces including reader input

‘All Pieces – Simple View’, shows just the pieces

‘All Pieces – Categories’, groups all pieces by categories

‘About Page’ – Site information

‘Book Versions’ – pieces being developed for a print version

Archives section shows pieces organized by months.

Also on the left are links to recent reader comments, requests, and a contact form to send a private message.

If you would like to be notified by email when a new entry is added, you can use the “Follow” button on the left.