Chapter 04 – To Whom Are We Speaking


Hello.  Hello to the person we are talking to just now; you; just you, in this moment.  The moment will become the next; you will grow and change.  You will be surrounded by many others.  And you will feel their influence upon you.  Or perhaps not.  Perhaps you will feel an independence.  Or maybe, a little of both.  These others you see, this you that is seeing, these feelings you are aware of, these questions you have, these fears and these hopes – these pieces: seeing, feeling, thinking, acting, or being unable to act – together and apart, within these pieces is found this person we are speaking with – is found you.

And though there are certainly similarities to the many others, the particular person is not other but is you.  It is a you indeed unique – how you in particular, how you specifically experience; what you in particular, what you specifically see; what you feel, what you hope, what you dream, what you fear, what steps you imagine.  It is this unique and wholly individual you to whom we are speaking. And the questions we will be asking, the person we will be working to come to understand is unique and is particular.

This person, your self, may be felt, may be seen very clearly; or may be hidden in fog; or may have pieces both clear and, as yet, unknown.  But the pieces are yours.  And it is you to whom we are speaking.  And it is you we would like to get to know.

So.. How can we get to know.. you.
How can we help… you.

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