Speaking InitialDrafts


You may wish not to hear the voice of another reading these pieces. In fact, I thought this would be the case. But many requests later, here is the author reading some. But please, please consider first if the only voice you ought hear is your own. That is where is the meaning in Initial Drafts.

Ahead – Jul 5, 2017
Written Version

By Which I Know – Feb 28, 2017 Written Version

Hope Is Hard – May 7, 2017 Written Version

In Front Of Me – March 8, 2017Written Version

In Pieces – March 7, 2017Written Version

The Spaces Between – Feb 16, 2017Written Version

There Is – Sep 7, 2017Written Version

This That Is – Mar 21, 2017Written Version

Turnings – March 10, 2017Written Version

Where Is Found The Way – March 21, 2022
Written Version

InitialDrafts – Home

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