Finding and re-finding self


Ideas, perceptions, understandings
form, revise, clarify
the cycle repeats
And a self becomes, moves toward solidity

In the absence of surrounding support
If instead even the opposite
Where goes then self

To remember the path taken
To find within a confirmation
And to hope and to welcome while not to require
support from without

Not always so easy
Where goes then self

The ideas, perceptions, understandings
they still develop and grow
Are they not still valid
And so then the self

Finding and re-finding self

A tricky thing – later


It’s always what’s in front we want. It’s only later we understand the ‘why’ and the ‘what for’ was the wait.

Easier said than done.

Now speaks only now.  “Give me now.  I need what is in front of me now.”  Now can barely conceive other possibilities in other times.  Our senses bind us to the present.  We are creatures of it.

It is a tricky thing indeed this notion of later, this notion of other choices, this notion that other things may be as good, may be better.  Now is screaming now.  Now is screaming there is nothing better than now.  Now is screaming don’t let go, don’t risk.  It is a tricky thing indeed to act with all the self towards now but to surrender to what occurs and then to wait for the later to explain what just happened.  It is a tricky thing indeed this notion of later.  For actions are all in the moment but what wisdom they hold is all in the later.  Later we see what came before.



Concern there is a quality undesirable within.
But only those truly that way are absent the awareness.
To feel humble concern for the thing
guarantees you are not the thing.
If not as close to where you’d like
At least further from where you fear.