Initial drafts. An attempt at the sometimes recognition and affirmation of conversation of thought of reflection. Being in a world of other. The battle of reason. Core experience. This is not the writer speaking.

Invitation to emotions, feelings, perhaps towards the darker struggles, during the times it is productive to do so. A way to the feeling of being recognized, to a feeling of something affirmed.

What feeling feels like.
The experience of experiencing.

These are moments of buried thought, of reflection, times when what inside is revealed is glimpsed, the inside things, the times of risk; when these go well and we feel accepted; or when they do not. The ideas here come from depths which found a way up. Again, it is not the writer speaking. It is to convey emotions, to articulate experience, to provide that sometimes acceptance and encouragement.

These writings are meant to lead to meaning by individual reader. And use of the word -I- is intended as the reader reading, the reader experiencing.

Why very little punctuation..
This to support and encourage different equally meaningful readings. Perhaps place and move punctuation and word groupings. Slight differences can make big differences. The writing attempts to articulate experience. And experience moves greatly.

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