The purpose of Initial Drafts is to facilitate and to encourage self awareness. And that comes of approaching with intellect and with feeling.. and in the space in between. The writing is a style that reflects these opposites, this in between; these identities and these that oppose.

The writing is an approach to experience, an approach to the world, an approach to self. It is not grammatically common in the way intellect expects. Nor is it emotions in the absence of reason. What is to be discovered is found between the two.

What is the intention? It is to change. Not in the sense of to change but rather in the sense of to change.

We are complex and multiple things and are so in each moment, and in each moment to come. It is inaccurate to seek a single or limited description of a person or a moment. In every moment, there is an enormous multiplicity of events and perceptions both within the individual and surrounding.

And we are all just.. Initial Drafts.