Who In Time


Time comes
time goes
and with it each time
goes another piece of me

The thing I wished for
the person I knew
these now gone
take more of me

The dream I dreamed
the hope I had
but then came the world
and more taken from me

Time will come
time has gone
and though I look ahead
I still feel what past

With each time that is come
with each time that is gone
some pieces of me no more
But some pieces remain

I come I go
of me some pieces are taken
of me some pieces remain

And it comes
and it goes
and I remain

Of what is gone
of what remains
what is I that always was
what is I that would never be
what is I that might yet

who in time
am I to be

Cannot Stop


I cannot stop
this anger so immediate
the fear so arresting
this ache so strong

I cannot stop
this thought so unreasoned
the intention so contradicted
these actions I’d want undone

I cannot stop
this desire so consuming
this feeling too strong
this pain so crushing

I cannot stop
these tears that are falling

I know better
I’ve done better
I will try harder
but it then returns

I cannot stop
I must stop



Waves crash down
waves of intensity
beyond what seems bearable

Feelings and fears
Efforts and tasks
People and strangers

It is too much
it darkens
I shake
and through all this
I crawl through
for now
and wonder what is left

Days pass
I look back and see
what has been passed through
and wonder how

The night passes
the next day comes
I peer out to see
what will come now
what must be endured
what will I endure
what waves are next

Stream That Is


Already in stream since the first
the stream surrounds
with secrets perhaps to tell
were we to listen
this stream my life

Yet over and again do we agonize
and fight the stream that is

I fight the stream that is
I mourn the stream that is
I wish for another stream to be
yet even these opposings
are of this stream of me

I look to stream ahead
I replay over stream now past
while here it is I am
in this the stream just now

I fight
While the stream just flows
just is
and hears not me rail against

where would I be taken
if I just went along
where I will be taken

to just see
ahead and now
and not argue so
at now and was

so loud what offends
at the stream we argue on

Then I Stumble Upon


In these days
I come to wonder
what of it has come
what is it of this life
that has been made

These days they come often
they have for some time

And I look back
and wonder
why did I turn that way
and why did I not choose other

I mourn
I regret
I wonder
and I go on

When suddenly I stumble upon
that alternate universe
where all those differents are

There all the questions answered
all the comparisons made
now I see

and still I wonder



I burn with rage

I would burn down
what offends me
while even I within the flames

The mind tries to see from above
and can’t
and falls to rage

Then something different
more fearful
and the raging waves are broken
for a moment there is thought

What provoked
is seen differently
and I recover

till it comes again