Before Ahead


but by yesterday
step i now
into later

but by what learned then
or not
brings the stepping now
that i now stepping
takes me
now already gone
as it becomes

do we not forever live in the past
as we pull closer tomorrow
into the now
which binds both

do i remake the future
into a new past

this constant unfolding
of before
into nows

then gone

What Is This Thing


what is this thing
a word
what is this act
to speak

if I make my sound
will my pain be heard
will my voice find
what my heart does seek

what is this thing
that cries out within
that cries out
and needs be heard

but fears
what might be said
and so is silent
but needs still
to speak

what is this thing
a word
what is this act
to speak

what my heart does seek
what might my voice
thus find

The Rising Up Again


it rises up
towers above
to come crashing down
upon me

why the again
and again
and again

has not for understanding
been searched outside
and within

where lies the understanding
that might be enough
to avoid

what will rise up again
and tower above

are these ghosts my own
those imposed upon me

where lies enough
that might be
to avoid

where is but not return
where is not I
at the end of to where
would be the running

where is the exit
if not but inside

where is not
the rising up again
the towering above

Where Is Found The Way


so much emotion
trapped inside
so much to feel
but not permitted out

it is all
too much

the feelings
take over

and I cannot think
I cannot reason
but can only
lash out
in panic

but the feelings
are real
and the feelings
are mine

how can I find ahead
if denied what is the reality

let me feel
let me feel

where but to let my eyes cry
might be found
the way for my feet to find their way
to step forward

This That Which


I decided I knew
it was this box that I wanted
this box I needed

when suddenly
it was that box now before me

it was this I wanted
and that I got

I went with that
it was then
the only path
there in that moment

in time I could see
that that box
had its own story to tell

I wanted this
I learned from that
while still I longed for..

next time
when before me
is this and that
and a million others
what will I be wanting
while the story which is unfolds

What Remains


so much
that was so much storm
so much pain
that I would escape

would I not
would I not seek
to escape my storms
to escape my pains

and where
where then
would I be

if my ahead
had not learned
from what had been my before
what then
where then would I be

what happened happened
what happened indeed happened

what happened happened before
what remains is what is yet to be

Looking Behind


where can I find ahead
where is escape of that I’ve been
where is the future that holds
the me the one I wish

I dread to look behind
to see so much that wanted not
I dread to look behind
it is ahead I wish to see

and then I pause

it is held in behind

the what I see now
as the what that fitted not
it is held in before
the tomorrows I’d want
and the one’s I would not

where do you find ahead
where do I find the me I would be
from where will my answers come
when will my past leave me to be

please give me mistakes

where do I find ahead
what might I find in the looking behind

To Burn My Bridges


why can I not let go
of what is clear
can not be held

why do I grasp on still
to what no longer is
to where I no longer am
to when it can no longer be

when in some moment
outside of thinking
in rage or sadness
I burn that bridge
and lose all going back

when there is no back
what direction remains

has the time not come
to burn my bridges