The Straight Path


For some it was to be
a straight path ahead
where the ways had been smooth
and the paths had been eased

and because they knew no other
took it for the only kind
and saw there not its quiet advantages

But it has been to me
A crooked path to be
where the ways were rough
and the paths held such little ease

There are paths in life
on which advantage is found
and there are paths in life
which offer no breaks at all

It is this path for I
and but for all that withheld
do I wonder where else
I might be now

It is not a moan
or a standing still
but for awareness eyes to see
the straight path was not to me

The Tunnel


The light
at the end
of the tunnel
is at the end
of the tunnel

where it cannot yet
be seen
no matter how bright

The ends of the tunnel
is at the end of the tunnel
when the means to get there
might then make sense
but not yet

At the end of the tunnel
is the end of the tunnel
while it is here
I am

how to know of ends
when it is but now
the tunnel

It Costs So Much


To learn
It costs so much
to learn

It is not in coin
but in suffering
It is not in currency
but in pain

For to learn is to see
the failures that echo still
the turns that had gone wrong
the might have beens if only

the cost is too much
So though where is now
is a place I should not be
is a place I can not be
The cost is too much
to reach to what beyond

To learn what is
to learn what might be
To learn who I am
to learn who I may be

The cost is too much
yet there be cost
that will be paid

The Climb To Learn


At the start
before me this climb I would accomplish
a great task it was indeed
and to it I would go straight ahead

I started out
I moved along
and soon I stumbled
and soon I was to fall

And though I slipped
I still got up
but found that I was then
on a climb a different one

And again I slipped and fell
and again I still got up
and again I found I was
on a climb that was once again
a very different one

It has been like this so far
it has been like this along
I set out to do a this
and found I was in the middle of that

Yet the slips of the climbs of befores
became what was used to climb the nexts
It was not the climb I was to learn
It was to learn to climb