Starting From Where


I look ahead
to what is the I
that I may become
But who is I in now
who is I that has been

I would become ahead
but from where and what do I leave
How can be known the step
if not is known the start

Why such struggle to see
to know who is I that is
who was
yet hopes to become

I would reach ahead
but can I if not first I would learn
who is I
that makes the reach

Who is I
that was and remains
that is the me
who would seek an ahead
who is was
and which can be left behind

Can I
would I
dare to look
dare to see
Who is I that was
and waits to be

So Clear


Is this dream
what I know
within me
so clear

for then is seen
the world
where so much is seen
so different

Is all this dream
I know
of all that could be
where does dream enter world
and when

is dream less true
in world
is this dream

Is this dream what I know
within me so clear
is dream less true
if it be just in me
for it is so clear
is this dream

To See Outside


What does it take
to see from all that is outside

How could I come to see
through eyes not those my own
where is found the want
to see to what before I had been blind

How can I think through mind
that is the mind of other
how can I understand
what was impossible to think before

What does it take
for this perspective from such distance
where is want in now
to perceive what lies beyond

what is the loneliness to endure
if all this I shall do
yet it done not for me

What Is True


What is true

the world that has been this way
or the one I thought I’d find

the things that are said
or the the things I know inside

the things that I must do
or the things I know I would

What is true

the things I just saw done
so far from sense to me

the things that are believed
so far from what things seem to me

of that which surrounds
of that inside of me
what is true