Fighting Is


Within denseness is the effort
my arms move against
my legs move against
even my thoughts
are opposed

I try to reach for
or run toward
but am hindered so

In this dream like world
before me is what might be
or could be
or should
but is not

I move toward these things
that ought
and am slowed
by is

and not surrendering
I fight against
and will lose

in reaching for can’t
can cannot be
by the act itself

before me waits can’t
and what might be
or could be
or should
but will not

and I go on
fighting is

Still In Continue


In stream since the first
I have been
at times along with
at times opposed to
sometimes toward
sometimes away
yet moving

When in time arises need
but this unlike need I’ve known before
need beyond me
it is like echo
it is sensed but from a place unclear
the path to it unknown
and my ability within uncertain
I move toward but stumble
and then I am stopped

no longer moving
no longer flowing in stream
while stream around me moves
for stream itself
and for others

this thing is beyond me
and I know not how to reach
I am reaching blindly
am standing still
I move now in circles
the line is no longer straight

Line and time have changed
line had known but straight
and finds itself now in circle
time had known but forward
and finds it now cannot emerge from moment
and I am still

it seems

Afflicted by perception of immediate
curve sees not its line
while line become curve no less line
I follow the points which are for me in line ahead
but feel only in curves
What perspective claims to see one better than other

Afflicted by perception of immediate
can moment see next or remember last
next arrives but feels like last
I see next but feel moment
I move to that ahead for me
but feel only moment
Why not yet taken as can’t

The stream flows sometimes still

But I I am still
it seems
no longer moving in stream
no longer in line
no longer ahead
it seems

moving in stillness
stillness in moving
perhaps from far away I see the continue
but I still feel in moment

It is all not yet

it is now stillness outside of flow

the continue visible
but the moment felt
but the moments felt
the moments continue

Can you hear the continue

in stillness flow
in curve line
in moment next

still in continue