The Loudness Of Not


This thing as is
this life now
this person here

All these which not enough
all needs which cry out
all the pain which wonders why

The thing that is not
the life that is not now
the person that is not here

All this that is not
a loudness so loud
The loudness of not
covering all sight of what is

The loudness of not
that covers all
What lies behind
what is the is
which simply is here now

One thought on “The Loudness Of Not

  1. Lawson

    to what
    does Self benefit
    or none at all

    for what is growth
    but a benefit
    changing tides
    shifting moons

    for what is failure
    but a benefit
    changing tides
    shifting moods

    Self sees
    but do You

    self regulation
    to Self success

    self destruction
    to Self degradation

    all is one
    and one is all
    corporate corporation
    with Self

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